A summary of my work – completed the program with 98% average.

Online Learning Environments – January 2017

  • Final Case Study: To help PharamaCareCo address multiple L&D challenges through implementation of e-learning platforms.  Must use SECTIONS model to determine solution.

Online Learning Case Study – Amy Schouten

  • Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Learning: Which is Better?

I created an animation through PowToon and posted on YouTube to illustrate my answer.

Introduction to Adult Learning – January 2017

  • Case Study:  What Went Wrong in Training Program and Offer Solutions

Used PowToon to summarize key points and posted to YouTube.

Instructional Design – April 2017

First Assignment: To create Learning Objectives based on Bloom’s Taxonomy (Cognitive, Psychomotor, Affective).

Assignment #1 Learning Objectives Amy Schouten

Final Case Study: Build a Learning Plan meeting required targets.

Instructional Design – Final Project