My First Thoughts/Impressions:

Loved the case study – a chance to apply my thoughts on the course so far.  I enjoyed doing the SECTIONS process, I feel it is a very strong template to follow, however needs to be tweaked for business – ie: changing Students to Employees so questions you ask have a business mindset. After all, it is a part of the employee’s  contract to keep skills current (in many organizations) – they are literally being paid to learn – so how does this fact effect choice of technology?

The Big AHA!

I utilized SECTIONS a few times to complete the case study and rejected a few technology ideas that I had – my big aha came when I started to apply the template with a ‘business’ mentality over a ‘learning’ one.  I was able to zero on tools much more efficiently once I started thinking like an employee who would have to learn it instead of a school assignment.

My Most Favourite New Thing

Discovering this group ===>

They offer 2 useful tools:

i) The Learning Experience Canvas – a design template

ii) A Book on 5 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself – I highly recommend the book as it helps focus the learning away from what I would instinctively design according to what I would want, but rather on the learner.