My First Thoughts/Impressions:

  • LMS are slow to adapt to change, costly to maintain, and perhaps stereotypically reflects a certain generational mindset when it comes to workplace learning: many organizations struggle with the rapid rise of mobile, learner centred learning and the overall loss of central control
  • For the crucial ROI an LMS can deliver lovely statistics and pretty charts to show business, where as with mobile applications it is much harder to quantify

AND… I DID NOT want to do group work on this topic.


I understand the importance of collaboration, however,  e-learning group work is often forced, asynchronous in nature as most do their work independently anyway, and limited to the technical capabilities of participants so done mainly in a tool like Google Docs.

The Big AHA!

The Rubric exercise I did not enjoy doing as a group – but I can not say it was a negative experience. While some on the team were very experienced with Rubrics and took a hard line as to how it was to be done, the synchronous learning portion – when we met over a call – was a wonderful learning experience. I was able to walk away from that session with new insight – which was the overall point.

My Most Favourite New Thing:

Some tidbits I found to help me get over my bias of group work in e-learning:

How-to Make Group Work Collaborative In Online Courses: Four Strategies

Six Online Collaboration Tools and Strategies to Boost Learning.

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