My First Thoughts/Impressions:

First day of school. I log into Blackboard, and post my introduction. In my bio I answer how internet proficient are you? I confidently put 8/10 …2 days into the course realization dawns – I am no 8/10….more like a 5/10!  A good thing I signed up for this class, no?

The Big AHA!

The modern learning professional must wear so many hats (old school OISE term): IT professional, creative writer, web designer, teacher, facilitator, social media expert, social learner…even business analyst.  I was bombarded with resources this first week – it was the proverbial flood.  I feel as if I am finally out my ‘bubble’, the comfort zone of my previous workplace that was no longer challenging me as a professional.


My Most Favourite New Thing:

Jane Hart (  Why did it take me so long to find her?

This infographic by Jane Hart below sums up the tools of the modern learner – therefore as a modern learning professional I need to be familiar with – if not an expert in, the same tools.