Evaluation models seem to focus heavily on traditional learning and development, when training is done face to face in a classroom like setting. But with the explosion of social and mobile learning, LMS systems and other eLearning methods, where does evaluation fit? What if ALL of your training and development is done solely on a computer or mobile device?

I think the answer will lie in metrics and analytics – and interpreting and translating this data into some formal structure like Kirkpatrick.

Here are 2  solid articles and  that help place evaluation in this growing world of digital learning.

  1. Evaluating Mobile Learning – 4 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Mobile Learning – this is a good short read with some tips on how to check learning when the user is mobile –
  2. Meeting the Challenges in Evaluating Mobile Learning: A 3-level Evaluation Framework: A very thought provoking paper that originally appeared in the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning – it outlines 6 challenges in evaluating mobile learning – but it does go on to ask “Has Anyone Learned Anything”